What our professional trainees think about our trainings?

I could not believe how amazing the models looked. It was like watching airbrushing happening right in front of you!
Dr Robert Prempeh
I can honestly say that I have never trained with such an amazing teacher as Dr Gabriela and each time I come away from a session I am left wanting to go on the next course because I learn so much from her. She is an inspiration and stands out from the usual text book teachers we see in this industry. I have felt fully supported by Dr Gabriela and by her staff at who cannot do enough to provide you with back up when you need it and cannot recommend her and her great team highly enough.
I first trained on PDO threads lift over a year ago with Dr Gabriela. We spent a day together and treated six patients so by the time the day was over I felt confident enough to treat my own clients. I have since attended a further three training sessions using various products and learning different threading techniques.

What our clients think about the treatments?

Thank you to Dr Gabriela and her team, I was very welcomed. I am really happy with my treatment (PDO Threads). I got my glabella done and I feel as if I’ve had a full facelift. I feel a lot more confident. A very pleased 40 year old feeling younger.
Laureen, February 2014
I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the treatment I received today from you kind people, no one as never done some thing so special for me to gain my self confidence back to me. Thank you, love Leyla
Leyla Joyce, September 2014
Never had a better treatment,immediately result which sustained long.Thank you!
My skin looks glowing and I feel younger and much happier. I would recommend Dr Gabriela as she is very professional and always gives the best advice.
Anne Patterson
I had my treatment 2 weeks ago and am amazed at the results so far and I know that this is not the final result as the result will get better as time goes on. Very Professional service, Dr Gabriela & her team are lovely. I am very happy with the treatments and I definitely will be having more treatments. Amazing, great for my confidence.
Liz, December 2013
I am writing to share my experience of Thread Lift with Dr Gabriela. I had neck and chin area and the results are so good. I was starting to have sagging under the chin and I hated it, but now with this treatment I am looking younger and have better jaw shape too. Like 10 years younger! I also must praise the Magic Beauty Facelift Serum – I can not live without it. Better skin and few wrinkles – it is Magic.
Keirra, September 2015
Love the Magic Serum, it works I have put 3 Other people on to it, and the Beauty Lift Threads are out of this world! I would highly recommend them, The hand cream gives your hands a younger look, The Advanceed Molecular Mask is just WOW! I just can’t tell you how happy I am with my new skin, and my new younger me, thanks Dr Gabriela lots of Love from Carol xxxx
Carol, 8 July 2015
Thank you so much Dr Gabriela, I am so pleased with the results of my treatment (PDO Threads) it has made such a difference to my lip and chin area and also to my confidence. Very Professional service. Big thank you also to Barry also for all the advice.
Mairead, February 2014
The best anti-aging treatment PDO Beauty Thread Lift.
Very professional treatments, with excellent results and after-care services, just wonderful.
Susanne Mc Kenna
I have visited Dr Gabriela in Hebe clinic in Ireland and also London. I like it because I always get warm welcome and everything is considered and thoughtful. I have trust with this place and I recommend to all my friends.
message from What Clinic, September 2015

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